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SLGFA Adds Division, Expands Services to Higher Education Institutions and Borrowers

September 16, 2015

The Student Loan Guarantee Foundation of Arkansas (SLGFA) has announced the launch of GuidEd Solutions. The new division, with a focus on higher education services, was created to provide vital support to colleges and universities in the areas of debt management and administration of federal financial aid programs.
“Regulatory changes necessitated a shift in our business operations, but SLGFA is alive and well,” said Executive Director Sue Balest. “As an Arkansas-based organization, we have well-established relationships with higher education institutions statewide. We are continuing to offer our services and professional expertise to all Arkansas colleges.”
Since its inception, SLGFA has provided assistance to both borrowers and higher education institutions with loan application and repayment processes.
“Both students and colleges may suffer serious consequences if and when students default on their student loans,” Balest said. “Our first goal is to provide customized services that strengthen and improve financial education and borrower outreach to ensure successful loan repayment. Also, we plan to develop additional products to assist colleges in the administration of federal financial aid.”
Carlia Smith, Director of Financial Aid at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, is a long-time proponent of SLGFA. Throughout her 30-year career in financial aid, Smith has worked with SLGFA in various capacities. According to Smith, SLGFA is already recognized as a leader in the financial aid community.
“SLGFA has served Arkansas well in helping colleges and universities deliver federal student loans to borrowers,” Smith said. “As a financial aid director, I know how valuable SLGFA’s assistance is in the areas of default management and regulatory matters. I am confident the same high level of customer satisfaction will continue as SLGFA makes the transition to GuidEd Solutions. The products and services they develop will be valuable to colleges and universities.”
Future plans for GuidEd Solutions include developing a suite of services for institutions of higher education to assist with staffing needs, training, regulatory guidance and call center activities. The new division will also expand its services to include innovative outreach to high school students for college preparation.
For questions or more information, please contact GuidEd Solutions Director of Sales Donna Hill at (501) 688-7619 or toll free at (800) 622-3446, ext. 619.